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Thread: OCing in Douglasville this weekend

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    OCing in Douglasville this weekend

    Went out yesterday OCing several places in Douglasville....Yep at Food Depot on HWY 5 in Douglasville getting stuff for taco night for 30 min
    No looks no problems no worries.

    Getting used to it but still CC most of the time.

    Went to Stoddards on Fairburn and got some Remington Golden Saber .45 185 gr +P JHP for carry and ordered a Tagua IWB holster for the Glock 21SF
    Great Day

    Strapped it on this morning and before I knew it the wife had me at dglsvle wal mart, dollar general, food depot and the marathon gas station....Funny though as OCing the last month I have not gotten one comment or strange stare or encountered and LEO....getting boring..I want to hand out some GeorgiaCarry.Org cards. waiting on updated flyers to arrive in a few weeks. Anyone here frequent this site or know about GCO??

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