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Thread: El Segundo Open Carry Event

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    El Segundo Open Carry Event

    We had about 25 people show up today for open carry event at Robek's Juice in El Segundo.

    A couple LEOs showed up right at the beginning of our event to give us their contact information and immediately left, no e-checks.

    We had notified them that we'd be there ahead of time and they informed the shopping center businesses. The Ralphs store there decided to hire extra security for the day (it looked really funny). They had two to three security guards (unarmed of course) posted at each entrance. This is despite the fact that several of us have shopped at that same Ralphs many times while open carrying without any problems.

    When a couple OCers walked over to the Ralphs to ask what was up with the security they explained that they were posted to keep OCers out of the store. We asked to speak with the manager, he said we were not allowed because the police said we would only be at the Robeks. I guess he misunderstood them saying that our event was at Robeks with us not being legally allowed to go into Ralphs. We educated the manager. We then asked if we could enter, he said that he was afraid a large group of OCers would scare customers.... (like a single MWAG is less frightening than a group of people, including women and children...). They ended up letting us all in if we wanted to go.

    Interestingly several of the security guards came over to our group on their break and asked about joining our group! Several had heard of South Bay Open Carry and wanted more information. Most were brought in by the security company and had never worked this Ralphs. He said that when he showed up they said they were hired because of a "group with guns" having an event. Ironically none were allowed to be armed (boggles the mind, if they were really concerned for safety against a group with guns, why send security in unarmed???). He told us that even th guards licensed to loaded OC are not allowed to bring their guns into the security company's office.

    We were all given $1 off drinks at the store. The event was organized for us by a store employee there who wants to be more involved with open carry events.

    So in the end, we stimulated the economy by providing 4 security guards with extra work on a Sunday and significant amounts of business at the Robeks and Quiznos.

    Here are some pictures from the event:

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    Thats awesome. They hired security guards to do what? lol. All most security guards are allowed to do is observe and report even if armed. Contract security is the biggest scam ever.

    Glad everthing went good and Ralphs let you spend your hard earned money in their store.

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    Another great meet up thanks to HGreen A+

    Wife kids and I had a very nice time today. We meet up at Robeks. Store manager was very friendly and enjoyed having us at the store. Store manager also said he would like to attend future events if he's off work. The store owner seemed nice but wanted to remain very neutral when it came to UOC. I can kind of understand.

    After we left we headed to Ammo Bros. I was UOC and when I went to the counter to ask about a holster for my wife. The gunsmith asked me if my "shield" was showing. I told him I was not LEO just an armed citizen. He looked very puzzled. After a few minutes of looking at the handguns at the counter the owner came up to me and started asking a lot of questions. it was almost closing time so not a lot of customers. About four other employees stood around asking questions. Turns out I am the very first person to UOC into his store. After about 45 min i had to run. Overall all the employees (who are armed, some LEO) seemed supportive. The owner had only recently heard about UOC because some group made the news when they attended a fair in the south bay area. Hint Hint. I would recommend this store if you want to UOC and shop for gun stuff. Be prepared to answer questions.

    HGreen if you are looking for some OC friendly LEO you may contact Ammo Bros as they have a large LEO customer base and are pro gun.

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