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Thread: fighting city hall

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    fighting city hall

    just got done with the mayor in mt. airy nc. some of us are trying to get them to change their anti 2ndA ordinance in their city parks , and we had a brief meeting to find out what could be done. i knew she has a positive attitude about guns. i have known her all my life and know she sincerely wants to help
    mainly, she wanted some stats. on the issue ( not sure what). maybe safer parks, i did the thing of lives saved every day by people who are armed. one thing she wanted was other towns that had changed their ordinances. i thought some articles where armed citizens saved a life. if you have any links or sources that i could download or forward to her i would appreciate it.
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    The stats are on our side, but that is beside the point.

    The point is that we have a God-given right to defend ourselves, and only a gun levels the playing field with a bad guy.

    Also, check to see if State law will help you. If your State has preemption, the mayor can't lawfully override any State law protected by preemption.

    Oh, and show her the video from this thread:

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