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Thread: Use of Grand Jury, Filing Complaints etc.

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    Use of Grand Jury, Filing Complaints etc.

    Hello All,

    As I mentioned in CCDL tonight, this is Randy Kelton was the keynote speaker at our Convention this Summer. Here is a link:

    And, to follow up a little farther in:

    The person to contact for this in Connecticut is Dan Reale. He has even given workshops on this. And, more recently, he argued his own case to the Connecticut Supreme Court a few weeks ago, Pro Se (that is, he argued it himself. He isn't a lawyer). More of us need to be interested. This is just one more tactic we can and should use.

    Dan Reale
    860 564 5798

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    Thank you for the information and thanks for the discussions tonight at the meeting. You gave me some ideas and I will be in touch with some of them.

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    A very good meeting. I will support this. and be working with CCDL and Rich B and anybody that's is willing too help and make this happen.CARRY ON!
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    Can you give a synopsys of the concept. I couldn't find the specific info relating to the use of Grand Juries in those links.

    Please excuse my ignorance.


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