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Thread: Anti-gun "men".

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    Anti-gun "men".

    Of course, sexual and psychological insecurities don't account for ALL men against guns.
    I'm sure bed wetting is a common indicator too.
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    This lady said it for me better than I could have said it myself. Excellent article PrayingForWar, thanks for posting it.

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    Oh come on, real men don't need guns!
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    Misogyny appears to be an important component in anti-gun fanaticism.

    I once encountered a Brit in usenet who declared that women shouldn't be allowed to own and carry guns because he was "afraid that he'd be mistaken for a rapist and shot". I replied,

    "How is it that you act around women that you seriously expect to be 'mistaken' for a rapist? Put down that butcher knife and pull up your pants and you'll be just fine."

    I've often heard it claimed that women shouldn't be allowed access for firearms because their firearm will just be "taken away from them". If that were really the case, isn't it wildly irresponsible to allow policewomen to carry firearms which they'll just give to criminals at the first opportunity? Won't female soldiers and Marines just wander the battlefields looking for a jihadi to toss their M4 to? Won't female pilots land their aircraft at enemy airfields so as to turn them over? Won't female ship captains sail into enemy harbors at the first opportunity to give their ships away? If elected President, wouldn't Hillary Clinton have flown straight to Teheran to give the "football" to Mahmound Ahmadinejad?

    More than a few male anti-gunners I've seen had attitudes toward women which wouldn't seem at all out of place in a Taliban run madrassa.

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