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Thread: NRA-ILA Has it wrong!

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    Angry NRA-ILA Has it wrong!

    Has anyone looked at this yet? They are supposed to be a bunch of lawyers fighting for our rights, but they don't seem to have a clue what our rights are in Alabama.

    They are telling people that we have restrictions that are not true...

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    I just called the number on the pamphlet to inform them of what I thought the inaccuracies were. I asked them to verify my information and, if I was correct (I am), to make the corrections. I also requested that I be kept informed of the status of any changes or be informed if they decided not to make them.

    I encountered a RUDE NRA representative who indicated that they only should listen to dues-paying NRA members. He kept insisting that they were a "grass-roots" organization made up of dues-paying members.

    That there was the possibility that the information was wrong was inconsequential to him. All that mattered was that I was not paying dues to his organization.

    What an ASS!

    At one point, when I pointed out that no permit is required to carry when that carry is open, he said that is not what they mean by "permit to carry," that they mean "permit to carry concealed." When I asked him why they did not add the word "concealed," he said that they'd always done it that way.

    We just had an election where the American people soundly rejected their leaders because those leaders knew what was best for us and thought that, if we disagreed with what they were doing, then we must not understand them.

    I just had that precise experience with the NRA.

    I have defended them against what I thought were undue attacks and unfounded accusations. They are not perfect. I am not a member (and haven't been for years). However, I have always thought of them as an ally in the gun movement.

    I will not bash them myself, nor stop thinking of them as an enemy of my enemy, however my days of saying anything positive about them or defending them (even when due) are over. The NRA has created one more person with a deep, abiding hatred for them. Hatred.

    I understand where some folks here are coming from. They are still wrong to generally bash the NRA, and they are still wrong to make unfounded accusations. However, I feel their disdain for this elitist (decidedly NOT grassroots) organization.

    Oh, and folks, call that number. As many of you as possible. Let 'em know what grassroots really is.

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