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Thread: Assault Weapons Bust

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    Assault Weapons Bust

    California law states that it is illegal to own or sell unregistered assault weapons.
    My mind just melted. If its illegal why would somebody do such a thing? I mean....its ILLEGAL! Do criminals not know the law or what. I bet our lawmakers are pissed! In fact, they are probably considering even more restrictions so criminals will finally get the point.

    Here's a more detailed excerpt along with a link to the full article:

    Federal officials arrested three former Marines suspected of selling illegal assault weapons to an infamous Los Angeles street gang, authorities said Tuesday.

    Federal agents arrested Iraq war veteran and alleged ringleader Adam Gitschlag at his Orange Country home last week, for his role in selling firearms to a member of the Florencia 13 gang, among others.

    Former Marines Jose Smith Pacheco, 31, of Montebello and Miguel A. Ortiz, 49, of Northridge, were arrested Monday along with 33-year-old Edwin Cano and 32-year-old Christopher John Thomas.
    cbs news
    If guns cause crime.....mine must be defective.

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    I saw This last Night on the News. I couldnt Believe What I was Hearing.

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