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Thread: How Do You Go About Asking Your State Rep/Senator to Introduce Legislation?

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    How Do You Go About Asking Your State Rep/Senator to Introduce Legislation?

    I don't know much about the schedules or procedures of the State Legislature (don't even know what a "Lame Duck" session is) so I was wondering what is the best way to go about asking your representative to introduce legislation?

    I'm going to ask my guy to try and get knife carry under preemption. I think that this is just common sense legislation considering what we've been discussion about Southgate here.

    (that Southgate...full of a bunch of rebellious lawbreakers...we need to call in the National Guard to deal with the tens of thousands of people who are blatantly shirking the law without remorse in that town)

    Seriously though, when does the new congress (assembly?) come into session? When would be a good time to contact my Senator/Representative? (Gulp) How do I find out who are my state reps?
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    Please and Thank You?

    A couple ways to approach this come to mind:

    1. Bring an issue to light and hope they come up with the right legal language and action a bill through the legislature.

    2. Bring an issue to light, providing them the right legal language and hope they action a bill through the legislature.

    I would prefer #2 as it provides for what we really want and helps the legislature take action quicker. I have found that if I make someone's job just a little easier, then they are more willing to help me with what I am trying to get done. A simple follow-up every few weeks will be important as well.

    NOTE: I believe that multiple bills should be introduced about separate issues. This lessens the possibility that legislation will be shot-down and still allows the legislators to combine the bills if they deem it appropriate.

    I have informally volunteered on MGO to review specific issues and come up with Legal Language Changes for Review/Comment before submission to MI Legislators. I offer the same here. I do not have unlimited time, so patience will be a virtue!

    The following is a bill (Take 3) that I have put together and feel pretty good about it at this point. We just need some legislators identified to send it to.

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    Do everything possible to meet with him/her in person. If you contact their office via email your issue will be addressed by a secretary at best. My rep meets with the public once a month, one thing she asked me about was the content of my emails to her, she wanted to know if I was able to get through to her. Some were, some were not.

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