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Thread: Holster maintenance

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    Holster maintenance

    Yesterday I was going over my XD making sure everything was clean and moving smoothly. Satisfied with my results I decided to wear it proud to my mail box. As I went to put it back in my serpa black hack holster I noticed it felt a little lose. After some investigating I discovered that over the past three years the retention level screw on the side of the holster had loosened to the point where there was no retention at all! I found with a safe and unloaded XD that anyone could have been able to come up to me at any angle and would not have had any trouble pulling my XD out of my holster! It only took me a minute to find my screw driver and properly adjust the screw and that one minute could possibly save my life one day. The looseness I felt in the holster was defiantly new and noticeable so I don't think it had been that way for long. I don't know how many of us think about holster maintenance on a daily basis but wanted to share my story with the group and stress giving your holster what ever kind it may be a good detailed exam once and awhile.
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    All the more reason for us to keep up with our dryfire practice and presentation so that we catch these things! And good on you for keeping up on your equipment!

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    Trying wearing you holster on job sites everyday, I am now constantly cleaning it.

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    I admit to not being very friendly to or keeping up my maintaining my holster...I just went and checked my retention screw and it is loose also
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    maybe try some non permanent loc-tite on those screws.
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    I use leather holsters, so I'm no expert, but it sounds like you Serpa users may consider investing in a tube of blue loctite.

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    I've also noticed that my Blade-tec holster will loosen up over time. Along with the double mag pouch. It's really quick for me to find my screwdriver because there's one on my Gerber right next to the mag pouch. Whew, crisis averted.
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