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Thread: Great experience at wal-mart

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    Great experience at wal-mart

    Much better than my last trip to walmart.
    Went to walmart in 1300 s and 300west lastnight.
    Started off fine and about 15 minutes into it I noticed a manager was stalking me, here we go again I thought.
    But what happened next was unreal. He approached me with a mother and her young daughter. Asked me if I could explain utahs open carry laws for he and the customer. He said he was unsure and before any problems arose, wanted me to clarify. I happily obliged him and the customer. We all spoke for about 10 minutes and discussed the ideals and opinions of open and concealed carry and in the end, a hand shake and a thank you from mother and manager as well as a thank you for being so kind.
    Now if only more people could act as professional as the young manager and as accepting as the mother with child.
    By the way it was the mother that requested she be present for the interaction, and not the manager.
    She was concerned but was seeking clarification instead of eliciting panic.
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    We need more like her. That store manager wasn't bad either.

    I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do those things to other people and I require the same of them.

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