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Thread: Skyline, Should have gone straight to DVD

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    Skyline, Should have gone straight to DVD

    Please do not do what I did, and that is, pay to see this movie in theaters. I wouldn't recommend even wasting your time watching this on network TV. If your going to buy this movie, wait until you see it in the "3 for $5" bin at Wal Mart. Or better yet, wait until someone offers to pay you to see it, because IT IS THAT BAD! Yes, there where great special effects, but you know what you have when you roll a **** in glitter?

    I've seen a lot of bad films that where hyped up, but this one was so bad, I did something I've never done before; write to the producers asking for my money back. If the MPAA were to sue someone for downloading this film illegally, I think the judge would laugh them out of court on the grounds that no monetary value exists for the intellectual property stolen.
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    Holy crap, I agree so much. This movie was super hyped, and they sold us a D rated bargain bin special spiced up with a **** ton of special effects. The movie was nothing like the previews made it seem to be. Total waste of money, the thought of requesting money back occurred to me as well.
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    Sounds like I'll wait until it's RedBoxed, then invite 9 friends over so we can see it for a dime each.
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