I went through it many times, I think this is the one I will send. Your thoughts?

Dear Senator Carpenter,

I am writing to you regarding my right of self protection, the second amendment of the United States and our own state Constitution. The right to keep and bear arms was so important to our forefathers they chose to make it second only to the right to our freedom of speech. For many years government has been restricting this right more and more, making it nearly impossible for the average citizen to exercise this guaranteed right. It is my understanding that you and other Wisconsin Senate members are contemplating a concealed carry permit system for Wisconsin that would require special licensing and mandatory training. I do not agree with this action as no other right guaranteed by our Constitution requires any type of license or training. Currently we are legally able to carry firearms openly with out a license, registration or any mandated training, so to require these now would be against our own constitution and a reversal of rights we already have. I feel that making these requirements degrades this right to a privilege. The right to defend oneself should never become a privilege. I believe the best position for Wisconsin to take would be constitutional carry, where the constitution is the only documentation needed to exercise our guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. If a person is legally able to purchase a weapon, that person should be able to carry a firearm where ever and how ever he or she feels is necessary.

When criminals have greater rights than victims, there is a serious problem. A problem Wisconsin currently has. Wisconsin needs to enact a castle doctrine so the citizens of this state can defend themselves from violent criminals and not fear reprisal or a civil suit. The right of self protection is not limited to the household, and neither should our rights. I should be able to protect myself where ever I may legally be. I would hope as a representative of the people of Wisconsin it would be your intent to protect your constituents and their rights.

In closing, I would ask you to look toward states such as Vermont, Arizona and Alaska that currently have constitutional carry in place, and states like Utah and Texas are seriously contemplating this renewal of our guaranteed rights and are likely to approve it this year. The right to keep and bear arms must be protected as our forefathers intended, not as our elected bureaucrats choose to allow. It is equally important that we enact laws to reverse the trend of granting greater rights to criminals than the victims they prey upon. The elimination of the Constitutionally questionable gun free school zone also should be paramount. Criminals will not adhere to these laws, it is foolish to expect them to. The right to protect oneself, family or property where ever that person may be should never be a question, but upheld as the right it really is.