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Thread: John Pierce "appears" on Kenn Blanchard's BMWAG Podcast!!!

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    John Pierce "appears" on Kenn Blanchard's BMWAG Podcast!!!

    I just listened to this most recent BMWAG (Black Man With A Gun) podcast this weekend, and what to my surprise--there was a GREAT interview with our very own John Pierce, talking about Open Carry!!!


    The only thing I can't understand is why wasn't this appearance announced here on the forum, and why aren't you guys flogging the hell out of Kenn's great podcast? He is doing a LOT of good work in the struggle to get MD and DC on-track with the rest of the nation with regards to firearms law, and he DESERVES props from you guys...

    Anyway, here is the link to the specific podcast episode:

    And here is a link to Kenn's general website for BMWAG, which includes archives, articles, and other stuff...

    Carry on...
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    John does a superb job of defining the open carry movement. I especially liked his reference to social activism as compared to political activism.

    For those that might want to go directly to the portion where John is being interviewed, start at the 1410 point on the counter.
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