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Thread: Cody Enterprise - Codey city council votes to allow open carry in rec centers

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    Cody Enterprise - Codey city council votes to allow open carry in rec centers


    The city council plans to allow lawfully carried firearms into the recreation center.

    The "no weapons" policy at the rec center was recently challenged by Serge Joskow, a concealed firearm permit holder from Cody who argued the city policy violated state law.

    . . .

    After comment from people in attendance who didn't want to see lawful guns taken away for what they believe is a trampling of their rights, the council directed city attorney Scott Kolpitcke to rewrite the policy.

    It will now state that lawfully carried firearms will be allowed into the rec center and must be kept on the holder's person and no weapon of any sort shall be used to brandish harm or intimidate.

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    I love the way they spin the headlines. Shouldn't the headline read, "Cody City Council Votes to Follow State Law?" or better yet, "Cody City Council Votes to Stop Violating State Law?"

    OK.... now I went to the link and the actual headline is "Firearms allowed at rec center". But the first line of the story is incorrect. It reads, "The city council plans to allow lawfully carried firearms into the recreation center." which is not true at all. State law allows and protects lawfully carried firearms in the rec center. The city council is only deciding to obey state law.

    I love this post:
    How incredibly stupid! Please let us know when armed people are in the Rec Center so we can avoid it. Accident waiting to happen.

    Someone needs to tell Annie that she has a greater chance of getting run over in the parking lot "by accident" than getting shot "by accident". So they should ban all vehicles in the parking lot to prevent "accidents."
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    Where the hell....

    ...does the Attorney General arrive at his opinion that "the city council CAN ban open carry"? I know of nothing in the Wyoming constitution or statutes to allow such a formulation.


    We The People!
    They Are Those
    That Want to Control Us.

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    They "can" do whatever we allow them to get away with.
    But, in the end, I live and therefore I am. I donít need any other personís permission to live or defend myself. I donít need anyoneís vetting of my intentions or sanity, nor approval for the self defense tool I choose or how I carry it.

    I donít NEED to explain myself. I donít NEED any reasons at all.

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    On Tuesday (7 Dec 2010) night the city council voted unanimously to allow all legally carried firearms into the Paul Stock Aquatic and Recreation Center.

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    I eat my words. It's good to see at least one city council has some sense. Now if we can just get Rapid City to fall in with state law and 'permit" firearms at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center!

    Please excuse my repost...

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