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Thread: Hands on Wisconsin: Republicans back to their old ways ... allowing folks to carry

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    Hands on Wisconsin: Republicans back to their old ways ... allowing folks to carry
    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Hands
    I didn't realize the best way to do that was to make it harder for people to vote, and make it easier to deport folks with brownish skin. Also, I didn't know that allowing folks to carry concealed weapons and keeping gay folks from sharing domestic partner benefits were essential to getting our economy moving again.

    But that's what the GOP is talking about. Well that and laying off the workers who were getting ready to start building a train line between Madison and Milwaukee

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    i guess the Republicans heard this song recently huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Huffman View Post
    It is only the beginning. The Dems will start criticizing anything the Republicans do from here on out.

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    Ok, the useless overpriced train is stopped, Why? So that $800,000,000.00 can be used to repair our crumbling roads and bridges instead.
    Which project do you think will put more jobs out there? How would a train between the 2 democrat strongholds benefit anyone else in the state who do not live in Milwaukee or Madistan? Could we O-C on that train? or in the stations? NO! (Keeping it O-C relevant)

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