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Thread: Twins Shot in Head at Denver Area Gun Range

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    Twins Shot in Head at Denver Area Gun Range

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodbender View Post
    This sounds really suspicious. It will be interesting to hear what the investigation turns up.

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    This is what FoxNews has. No reason given as to why they would want to commit suicide. I would have to know that I had a painful, terminal illness before I would even consider such a measure and, even then, with the pain management therapies they have now, I don't think I would. It would be, in my eyes, laying too much of a burden on those I would leave behind.

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    That firing range must be built on top of a haunted Indian Burial Ground or something.

    They've had suicides on this range TWICE before--one last year, and one in 2004.

    3 suicides and one attempted suicide in 6 years--I'd be looking for a new location, or at the very least, considering hiring a Medicine Man to "cleanse" the place if I was the owner...
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