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Thread: Open Carry/Concealed Carry: Knife Options -- Legality Questions

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    Open Carry/Concealed Carry: Knife Options -- Legality Questions

    Hello, I am a resident of Minnesota and in my final semester of college. Since the campus does not allow CC/OC of firearms, and the fact that a permit needs to be renewed every x amount of years (5?) for a pretty steep fee, i have put off getting my permit to carry.

    However with graduation just around the corner, the last thing i need is a weapons charge, or god forbid a felony, due to my knife carrying habits. It never worried me much, until recently when i actually attempted to look up the knife based laws in Minnesota. And realizing that a small mistake on my part could cost me big.

    My main question revolved around carrying my Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker
    Blade Length: 3-1/4
    Overall length 6-3/4
    CC Carry Option: Its a neck knife by design
    OP Carry Option: Ka-Bar Belt Clip

    SO To the Laws! Result? Very frustrated. Multiple searches yield only these set of vague legal statutes.

    A quick read will yield nothing referring to the nature of fixed blade knives. Only a blanket statement about "Dangerous weapons" and the few specifics it does talk about are "metal knuckles or a switch blade knife opening automatically." However after a long Google search campaign it seems that MN has a lot of "gray zone" in its interpretation, meaning one officer might not care at all, while another might arrest you on the spot for the same thing. That being said, I'm trying to stay out of "gray zone carry." I absolutely love my BK11, but i also like not getting arrested.

    Legally where do small Fix Blades stand? As the carrier, my intention is to carry the BK11 for utility purposes. Can I open carry? Can i corneal carry? Any Ideas?
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    Don't have any hard opinions, but I've always gotten the feeling that fixed blades were frowned upon. I usually carry a small Kershaw clipped inside my front left pocket. It's quick to access and plenty big enough to open a brachial or carotid should the need arise.

    I think it's kind of a grey area, but in your case the penalty could be quite a bit higher than just a fine. Might be better to keep a low profile until you get your piece of paper. Sometimes circumstances require that we tag each other out on defending our rights.

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    10,450 gives the following:

    Admittedly not a down-and-dirty answer, but perhaps a head start on figuring things out.

    stay safe.

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    I recently had the same question about whether the knife I carry is legal and I found 2 sites that helped me.

    and the already listed

    My knife is the Blackhawk CQD Mark I Type E which is the civilian version of the auto knife that Masters of Defense made legendary many years ago.

    A quote from the first link listed, ""Weapon" does not include, except when used as a weapon, a folding knife with a blade of 4" or less in length, any knife or weapon in any school building/grounds, school bus, school parking area or sidewalks adjacent thereto" with reference statues of 393.10 and 393.60. But be advised, THIS IS FOR THE CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS ONLY! Be sure to check with your county/city/town/village laws.
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