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Thread: Police: Boise Man Lied About Gunman Near School

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    Police: Boise Man Lied About Gunman Near School

    Possible brady nut......or regular old loony?

    By Associated Press
    POSTED: 10:51 am MST November 19, 2010

    BOISE, Idaho -- Police say a 42-year-old Idaho man has been arrested for making a false report after he claimed a man with a gun was on the grounds of an elementary school.
    James D. Nefus called police at 11:30 a.m. Thursday and said a man with a gun was near buses at a Boise elementary school and then hung up, according to authorities.
    Police say they found no evidence there was a gunman at the school and no one else in the area reported that they had seen someone with a gun.
    With information from witnesses, police say they determined that Nefus lived in a home nearby the school and had made a false report to authorities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimd_21 View Post
    Possible brady nut......or regular old loony?

    I didn't know there was a difference.

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    What a *********. One of my greatest concerns while OC'ing is that I'll be patronizing businesses, say, across a boulevard from a school, and some idiot will call 911 and say that I'm "at the school with a gun."

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    In all fairness....

    There is no proof that he lied. It is entirely possible, tho improbable, that he's the only one who saw this mystery MWAG.

    And even if he's right, who cares? Schools could certainly benefit from a few MWAGs hanging around....

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