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Thread: Knife Preemption and carrying knives on a CPL.

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    Knife Preemption and carrying knives on a CPL.

    Many members of MOC who frequent this forum asked me for a bill draft for knife preemption. This is what I sent off to Rep Opsommer, Rep Meltzer, and Rep Jones. It does not cover everything I wanted to but it would put us in a much better position. Please contact your reps and the three listed above to support this bill. Please do not send them amended versions as I do not want to confuse them. I sent a much better version but I was told that it would have no chance.

    Before anyone else jumps on me for saying this is a handgun forum, please save your comments. Michigan has horrible knife laws and a patchwork of local ordinances. CPL holders HAVE been arrested in this state for carrying swiss army knives. Most gunowners carry a knife. Most importantly, EVEN A KNIFE CONVICTION NO MATTER HOW PETTY PROHIBITS SOMEONE FROM HAVING OR APPLYING FOR A CPL FOR EIGHT YEARS.

    What I sent is attached as a zip file. It's short, to the point, fixes MOST issues, and it's very narrow that it should have a good chance of passing. But I need other people in Michigan to support it. As you all know, registration repeal is a top priority and that is the first RKBA bill this session from what I have been told. I'm trying to make this second.

    Remember, as more and more LEO's are realizing they can not get away with as much as they use to, some of them are turning to knife laws and knife ordinances to jam people up on. This is another reason why it is so crucial.
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    Thank you for posting this!

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    thanks !
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