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Thread: Howdy Folks

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    Howdy Folks

    Howdy ya'll, just wanted to introduce myself; I'm a college student down at the U of A and am about to become an open carrier here in the next couple of days. (Obviously not on campus yet, unfortunately) Just turned 21 last weekend and should be purchasing my first firearm this weekend. I've been shooting with my father for as long as I can remember, and cannot wait to open carry and do my best to educate the non-gunners out there. I've been lurking on these forums for a long time and decided to register and offer whatever I can to the community here. I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's point of view/systems on here and hope that maybe I can help to better the community in general with my way of doing things.

    Well thats my little rant, thanks for listening and God bless,


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    Welcome to the forum, I remember my first time open carrying. It will feel different at first but eventually it will be a normal routine for you.

    Your first time open carrying is a lot like something else. Your nervous and it goes by fairly quickly. Afterward, you think to yourself, did I really just do that and you feel a sense of accomplishment.

    Anyways, welcome to Open Carry in the free state of Arizona.
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    Where you gonna pick up your pistol at? Theres a decent gun show at Beaudry RV this weekend. I would check it out

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    You'll get weak knees the first time. (At least I did) But eventually you stop worrying about it, and it'll just be another thing on your belt. I've never had someone talk to me negatively about it, except to ask what kind of gun it is. And overall remember, your carrying for a reason, for the safety of yourself and others. To keep criminals guessing, and to never let them feel comfortable.

    -And welcome to the forums!
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    Welcome. You ever feel like throwing some rounds into Mexico (not on purpose, of course ) send me a PM. We have a nice shooting range in Sierra Vista and some even better washes.

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