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Thread: Why should MD have State-wide OC, Shall-Issue and Reciprocity?

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    Why should MD have State-wide OC, Shall-Issue and Reciprocity?

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    It is our cause to dispel the foggy thinking which avoids hard decisions in the delusion that a world of conflict will somehow mysteriously resolve itself into a world of harmony, if we just don't rock the boat or irritate the forces of aggression—and this is hogwash."
    --Barry Goldwater, 1964

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    I used to ride my bike on Wetheredsdale Rd 'n bout everywhere else in Leakin Pk/Dickyville area when I was a kid in the mid-50's. Nothing to fear. Alas poor Baltimore, I knew you when. The RKBA dog will never hunt in MD. Too many sheep. Note the overwhelming preponderance of MD residents posting anything about anything on OCDO. (NOT) MD went past the point of rescue 40 years ago.

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    Because my family is worth it, and the neighborhood--which I really like--deserves protection (despite the crap-beings passing through).

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    Baltimore ranked 2nd behind Detroit as America's unsafest city.

    It sucks I had to move back(temporarily) to this hell hole Nanny State.
    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson

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