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Thread: AMAZING AUDIO FILE ~ OC problem in Hoover ~ Supervisor response!

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    Thumbs up AMAZING AUDIO FILE ~ OC problem in Hoover ~ Supervisor response!

    This audio file is great! This officer says every thing we've ever wanted to hear a leo say. Skip ahead to the 2:50 mark on the video to get to the good stuff!

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    I just shared this on my Facebook page as well as a Yahoo! Group I oversee. Man, that was a great audio track! Good job!

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    I don't know that guy, so he has no Rights and should be disarmed on a hot scene so that if the BG is still hanging around.....

    In order to have Rights, you have to be close personal friends of the LEO who shows up. If not, then 'protect and serve' means 'make you an easy target.'

    I am forever confused by the notion that those who are supposed to protect us think that their safety should come before ours... Even to a point of making us LESS safe for their own pleasure. Who are they there for again? Don't they brag about being such heros, facing danger every day, etc? And in the exact situation where we whom they serve need that protection the most, they move only one baby step away from using us as human shields?

    "Officer Safety" is one of the most counter-intuitive concepts thus far discovered by science. It proves that the Police has no obligation, or even desire, to protect anyone but their own interests as a government agent.

    If respecting the Rights of Citizens is too scary/dangerous for you, maybe you shouldn't be a Cop?

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