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Thread: Oregon Man Arrested After Deerfield Armed Robbery

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    Oregon Man Arrested After Deerfield Armed Robbery

    The convenience store clerk said a man entered the business and said he had a gun. The suspect took some money from the clerk and left the village to the north. A deputy found the suspect vehicle and tried to pull it over, but the suspect took off instead.


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    I believe that BP is just across the street from Deerfield Pistol, where unless something has changed, open carry is not allowed.
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    I looked up his records on the WI courts access page.

    Neither of his current charges includes robbery (though they did list "theft of movable property"), concealing a weapon, improper transport of a weapon, or assault (threatening to harm someone) with a deadly weapon. Maybe they're still working on how to list those?

    And they only listed operating after revocation (1st)... expect that to be changed when someone looks at his record, since this is at least the 3rd time he's been caught.

    His previous charges include:
    JUN09 restraining order / harassment
    JAN08 operating while revoked (2nd)
    OCT07 underage drinking
    OCT07 operating after revocation (due to DUI)

    He's also had several "posession of drug paraphernalia" (including this current arrest) and "not wearing seatbelt".

    All in all, seems to me that he's not one of society's more outstanding and valuable citizen contributors.
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