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Thread: CCW holder stops robbery.

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    CCW holder stops robbery.

    Another one for the good guys. I especially like his shot placement. Hopefully he won't be able to reproduce. The gene pool is poluted enough.
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    Wow! This story has me asking some questions.

    "...according to Joan Hassan, part owner of the store. Hassan was not working at the time of the incident but said she was pleased with how police responded."

    My first question. Joan Hassan, don't you have anything to say to the initial responder that aided your employee...the CCW carrier? You may have had a dead employee if he had not intervened as a "good Samaritan."

    My second question. Joan Hassan did you really say you were pleased with how police responded? Or was your actual statement skewed by journalistic license?

    Robinson, the assailant/robber, apparently likes picking on 22 year olds.
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