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Thread: Why gunnies can be thankful on Thanksgiving

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    Why gunnies can be thankful on Thanksgiving

    Firearms owners just might want to thank the five-member Supreme Court majority for doing its homework on the Second Amendment a second time, and ruling properly that like other individual rights delineated in the Bill of Rights applies to all citizens everywhere. A little thanks to the Second Amendment Foundation and Illinois State Rifle Association for bringing their landmark lawsuit against the City of Chicago might be in order, as well, because they earned that victory.

    Or try this:

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    Maybe this can be used as the first step towards national constitutional carry.
    This site has been hijacked by leftists who attack opposition to further their own ends. Those who have never served this country and attack those who do are no longer worthy of my time or attention.

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    i read the thread title and initially assumed you were talking about gunnery sergeants. anywho, thanks for the was a good read. I am definitely thankful this year.
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    I should be thankful that a bare minimum of 5 SCJ's can read, but I'm not. I should take for granted that the SCotUS and lower Fed Courts be not politicized, but they are. This ain't rocket science... it's comprehension of common English. The 2A needs no 'interperative clutter'. It declares what it declares. I should be thankful that the right to bear arms is still not allowed IAW the supreme law of the land? I should be thankful that permits and license for a fee are still required to exercise a right in most states? I should be thankful that regardless of the SCotUS decision... the right is still denied to US citizens? No... sorry, but I'm not. I'm thankful for Gov Jan Brewer and the Arizona Legislature tho... and for the hard work of the AzCDL in fully restoring the right to bear arms w/o mode of carry permit as the AzC and USC declare. Until Federal Marshalls arrest state and local government leaders and LEA chiefs who continue to deny citizens their enumerated civil rights under the 2A.... the SCotUS decision is toothless.

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