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Thread: Garmin is posted "no weapons", but the sign isn't legal

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    Garmin is posted "no weapons", but the sign isn't legal

    I had some business there this morning, & got right up to the doors before seeing their wording (not the required sign) saying that no weapons are allowed on the premises.

    Since it wasn't a legal posting, I ignored it, and didn't say anything to anyone there about it being not what the law requires. (Actually, it was only the main lobby doors that were posted. I went around to the service area & there was none of that nonsense.)

    So when you see a sign like that - clearly you're not wanted, but it's not what the law requires in order to be legally binding - do you bow to their wishes, do you ignore it, do you talk with someone about it? Does it matter if you're OC or CC? (I was CC.)

    If I'm OC, I'd probably walk away, or put it in the car while I run in, or CC if possible. Wouldn't buy from them.
    This time, I was only there with a brief question. I had to ask this question, and there was no question of my taking the business elsewhere. (The exchange was already paid for, and this is the only place to do it.)

    I was relying on this information from the KS AG:

    which is found on their webpage:
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    I think a sign that doesn't meet the Attorney General's requirements will prevent infractions of concealed carry law if you CC (and are discovered to be CCing) onto the premises with the unapproved signage...

    However, I'm not sure about Kansas or local trespass law and if any such sign/wording would obligate you to obey or if you would still have to be asked to leave before committing tresspass, etc.

    I've had a similar question in my head about a local library that is not posted correctly, but in addition to an improperly-posted (per AG regs for CCH) gunbuster sign they have wording about all weapons prohibited.

    just thoughts/opinions...obviously I'm no legal expert

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    Imagine this scenario.....

    You are a store owner in a state that passes a CC law. You have several customers come and tell you that if you allow CC'ers in your store, they will no longer shop there, no discussion necessary. You also have several CC'ers come to you and tell you that if don't allow CC, they will no longer shop there. What are you to do?
    I would put a sign that was not the legal one in that state. The anti gunner crowd is not very likely to know that the sign is not legal and not binding, while the people with CC licenses will have taken an extensive training class and will know that the sign is not legal. Both sides are happy, and you keep your business.
    If the sign is not the correct one, and the people or person in charge of the building decides that they don't want you there, they can ask you to leave, and you must leave, but you have not violated the state CC law, because the sign is not correct. If all the entrances are not posted, none of the signs matter.
    Standard disclaimers, IANAL, but I can be a bit stubborn.

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