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Thread: FN FAL - STG 58 Battle Rifle

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    Post FN FAL - STG 58 Battle Rifle

    Just a review of the latest hardware that's come my way

    Review of an FN FAL Self-Loading Rifle chambered for .308 / 7.62mm.

    Often referred to as 'The Right Arm Of The Free World' or the gun that helped keep western civilisation from going under during the 60s, 70s and 80s.

    Weapon Specs:
    DSA Fully forged upper receiver, picatinny rail
    Chinese imported scope x6 w/illuminated reticule

    This weapon is made in Austria, exported to the USA and is the carbine variant of the FN FAL. Being made in Austria meant that integrated bipod legs were incorporated into the forestock.

    Part 1

    YouTube - FN FAL STG 58 Battle Rifle .308 Review 1

    Part 2

    YouTube - FN FAL STG 58 Battle Rifle .308 Review 2

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    I was going to fill you in on all the things you got wrong in that review, but there were just too many errors so I'll touch on the big ones.

    1. Your rifle is only part Austrian. The top cover( the part with the scope mount) is DSA, american made. The upper receiver(the part the top cover is attached to, also has the mag well and attaches to the barrel) is also DSA I think. Some of the other parts are Austrian, but at least 6-7 of them are US to be in accordance with assault weapons law. Chances are the gas piston, hammer/trigger/sear group are all US made as well. The Austrian parts were imported as a kit, with the Austrian upper cut in half. DSA sells these kits as well as assembles them on their receiversto be sold as rifles.

    2. The STG is a full auto capable rifle; although yours is not. The DSA receiver is not made to allow the safety sear, which is an integral part of the full auto mechanism. It sounds from your review that your selector does not rotate all the way to the full auto spot. This makes me believe you have a US made selector that is two position. I have seen STG parts kits assembled who's selectors do go all the way to full auto, this is legal as long as the other parts are not in place and it doesn't actually shoot full auto.

    3. A true filed strip is more than what you showed. On most FALs the top cover is removed to allow easier cleaning of the chamber area, yours is screwed onto the upper receiver so thats impractical for you. You are also supposed to remove the bolt from the bolt carrier so you can grease the areas where they interact as well as clean behind the bolt. You are also supposed to remove the gas plug and gas piston to clean the front of the gas system; this entails rotating the gas plug(also the thing that closes the gas system for rifle grenades) until it pops out and then removing the piston behind it. The piston gathers a lot of carbon on its head.

    Other than that, its a nice rifle. Austrian barrels have a reputation for being very accurate for FALs.

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