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Thread: ipod touch as recorder?

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    ipod touch as recorder?

    how is an ipod touch as a recorder for leo encounters?

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    I don't know about an ipod, but here are the issues when I've tried to use my smart phone instead of a $30 dedicated recorder:

    -- Battery life (hours vs. weeks)
    -- Recording quality (hard to hear vs. crystal clear)
    -- Set and forget (something is going to stop the recording vs. it never misses a thing)

    On all three issues, the $30 dedicated recorder kicks smart phone butt. When I realize that I have forgotten my recorder, my phone does in a pinch, but it is impractical to turn it on and let it run, so, in an encounter, I'd have to turn it on. That opportunity might not present itself.

    Get a dedicated recorder. Turn it one when you leave the house. If nothing happens, delete the recording when you get home. Replace the batteries every few weeks.

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    Which version? The 4th generation (the current model) is the first to have a built in microphone; all others have to have an external microphone (either part of the ear buds, or an attached dongle.

    Other than that, it works exactly like an iPhone: quite well. There are a number of apps for recording, including some that don't give any clue to a casual observer that an app is running.

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