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Thread: Article in the San Diego Union Tribune

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    Article in the San Diego Union Tribune

    The Union Tribune has picked up on and published a story in today's edition about the Federal lawsuit.

    Thank you in advance for any support on this issue.

    Ed Peruta
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    Thanks for the update, Ed. And thank you for standing up. Can't wait to see what happens in December!

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    "In those cases, the court said the Second Amendment to the Constitution protects an individualís right to possess a firearm in the home for self-defense."

    "The suit is an effort to extend the scope of the two Supreme Court rulings to allow individuals to possess weapons outside the home."

    WHAT???? Do they ever check their facts before reporting them?

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    well last I checked the online article had close to 600 responses.

    Here is the only response the paper printed 2 days later in the opinion section

    "San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore is inserting his political preferences ahead of the U.S. Constituion and the three court decisions. Both the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court have stated that keeping and bearing arms is the constituional right of all Americans whose rights have not been limited by actions of the courts. Likewise, the Sheriff abridges rights of citizens, wihtout regard to the 14th Amendment, by granting permits to favored classes based on personal bias and political expediency and withholding them from others. The fact that there is an unconstitutional fee to assert these guaranteed rights is an insult to the citizenry in much the same way that the poll taxes and literacy tests were to blacks in the old south.
    The general belief among the gun-owning class is that this special privilege is granted to politicians, union officers, celebrities and a few shady folks with criminal connections. The sheriff could dispel this belief by posting the name and occupation, along with their stated reason for requiring such a permit, of all such holders online so all could see who gets this special privilege."
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    "Gun owners in California in 2011 are like black people in the south in 1955. If you don't understand that then your concepts of fighting for gun rights is just tilting at windmills." Gene Hoffman.

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