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Thread: Utah Guy OCs while visiting Family in NV.

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    Utah Guy OCs while visiting Family in NV.

    OCed while visting the In-Laws in Las Vegas, no problems with "Metro," however some guy in a McDonalds asked me; "Are you Metro?" Me; "What is Metro" (like I didn't know) Again he asked, Are you with Metro carring that gun, again me, What is Metro, are you with Metro he asks again, I say no am I not "Metro" he asked how can't carry a gun out in the open? I say, I can Open Carry is not a problem here in Nevada, he agrees with a big Oh yeah, that's right.
    My wife told me about 8 older people enjoying a morning cup of coffee over heard that guy point out that I had a gun on my hip,(by the way I walked passed that group of people twice to chase after my boys waiting for Mom ordering our food, which no of them noticed)
    Anyway, the good thing about the nosey guys inquiry is it started a great conversation at the Senior Citizen Coffee table about Open Carry and how it fine to do as long as it is out in the open. Education on OCing accomplished. : - )
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    The more people used to open carry the better.

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