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Thread: Anyone from near Fresno Available Tonight to Talk to ABC30?

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    Anyone from near Fresno Available Tonight to Talk to ABC30?

    They want to talk to someone about the new Amtrak regulations.

    Respond here.



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    key talking points:

    1. Its great that AMTRAK now "allows" checked guns.
    2. It's still no federal crime to carry guns on AMTRAK.
    3. Not a crime either under most states' laws.

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    9/16/2009 <------------

    WASHINGTON — "The Senate voted Wednesday to permit passengers on the Amtrak passenger railroad to transport handguns in their checked baggage. The proposal, approved by a 68-30 vote, seeks to give Amtrak riders rights comparable to those enjoyed by airline passengers, who are permitted to transport firearms provided that they declare they are doing so and that the arms are unloaded and in a securely locked container . . . Wednesday's vote was the latest in a string of victories for gun rights activists in the Senate despite Democrats' sizable majority. Some 27 Democrats, including Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, voted for the amendment, many from Western or Southern states. Independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who aligns with Democrats and is one of the chamber's most liberal members, also voted on the pro-gun rights side."

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