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Thread: Open carry and concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol

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    Open carry and concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol

    Hey all, with SC legislature craking up in Jan., lets all write our senators and reps to support and or introduce these 2 important items. I have written Mikke Fair and Dwight Loftis. Tx lets do it.

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    Please get OC. I prefer it, and have to CC when I come down there.
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    Both South Carolina and North Carolina NEED to REPEAL their Draconian Restaurant Fiream-Free Zones.

    In South Carolina, unlike North Carolina, you WILL lose your Firearm Rights under Federal Law for a Conviction under SECTION 16-23-465, because; of a Wording FLAW under that SECTION.

    Under Federal Law 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(20), The Term: 'Crime Punishable by Imprisonment for more than [1] Year' includes: 18 U.S.C.921(a)(2)(B) *** any State Offense Classified by the Laws of the State as a Misdemeanor and Punishable by a Term of Imprisonment of [2] Years or Less.

    South Carolina Code SECTION 16-23-465 DOES Classify this Crime as a Misdemeanor, HOWEVER; the Punishment is BEYOND that [2] Year Threshold.

    Therefore, a Person Convicted of SECTION 16-23-465 MUST LOSE their Firearm Rights under Federal Law, albeit South Carolina deeming such Crime as only a Misdemeanor.

    The Federal Government is SO great, huh?
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