A fourth Republican legislator, Rep. Mike Christian, has taken House Speaker-elect Kris Steele to task for recent comments that some members found offensive and he's asked Steele to take steps to "ease the tension" inside the House GOP Caucus.

In a letter, Christian wrote:

Dear Speaker-elect Kris Steele, I want to thank you for giving the Republican caucus advanced notice of your proposed newspaper editorial and for inviting us to contact you with any questions we have regarding your vision for the next legislative session.

I couldnít help but notice that your editorial didnít . . . commit to supporting open-carry gun rights legislation.

. . .

The caucus, the public, and our grass-roots supporters deserve an honest, direct, and unambiguous explanation of your legislative agenda. We need to be assured that your priorities reflect the priorities of the rest of the House Republicans.

Therefore, I respectfully request that you specifically, publicly, and unambiguously answer the following questions:
. . .
2. Do you support and will you help advance open-carry gun rights legislation?