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Thread: Caledonia Cops Pull Guns On..............Each Other!

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    Caledonia Cops Pull Guns On..............Each Other!

    this is too easy, like shooting fish in the barrel. Saw the headlines in the Journal Times this a.m. one of my brothers please post a link to this story. i don't beleive my comments will consitute bashing, as i define bashing as generalized inflammatory or derogotory remarks with no evidence to support. but it is indeed up to the moderators if this thread will survive. to understand what may have transpired in these recent incidents, i reviewed these you tube videos to better understand how things work at the Police Dept. my tax dollars go to support:

    in the past i have posted what this department did to me, and local papers have reported about the under the table payout schemes envolving the department leadership, and their convenient retirement when it came under public scrutiny. Now these 2 apparent incidents. perhapse now would be a good time for me to do a freedom of information request regarding me, and turn this information over to the civil rights attorney i recently had the pleasure to meet at Lizzy's.

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