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Thread: MD Pizza Shop Owner defends his shop...

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    MD Pizza Shop Owner defends his shop...

    ...with the only thing that he could legally carry in MD to defend himself--'a pizza peel...

    Be sure to watch the video--the security camera footage is PRICELESS.

    Way to go, Mr. Youris! You are a true hero.

    Does a humongous spatula count as "open carry"?...
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    Good thing he didn't use a gun to defend himself or he would be called 'the gunman' and the guy laying on the sidewalk would be the victim.
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    I cannot even put into words how much I just enjoyed watching the pizza man beat the dirtbag with a pizza spatula! That is PRICELESS!
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    Left their baby in the Motel while they went out to rob a pizza joint. To bad both of them didn't get whacked up along side the head with something a lot heavier.

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    That is hilarious! Wish it'd been a long-handled peel - longer arm, harder hit, longer memory for the crook.
    But it seems that the criminal will get at least a little time out of circulation.
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