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Thread: Got my side holster

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    Got my side holster

    Finally found one for my 6904, technically almost NO ONE makes on for the 69 model frame from SW. However after a mess of research I found out that holsters for 39xx series up will fit the 69xx series.

    My SW stuff so far.

    Now the holster.

    The holster is a De Santis XO 282, designed for the 3913 model SW, but fits my 6904 like a glove. I've tried similar ones made for the '69' series, at least they said that, and they didn't fit well at all, either too tight or too loose.
    These are CHEAP compared to most leather holsters I've seen, and this is just as well made as the ones running 150+ I got this one from a member off TheHighRoad for 45 bucks.

    So for reference, any SW39xx series holster will fit a 59-69xx series frame as they were based on them. If you check you will mainly see differences in sights, grips and mags.

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    Looks good, is that an Alienware computer??

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