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Thread: Maryland Shall Issue Event

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    Maryland Shall Issue Event

    Maryland Shall Issue intends to show support for Clyde's Sports Shop on Saturday, December 11th to counter a scheduled protest by anti-gun groups. Clyde's is having a "Customer Appreciation Day" from 3:00-5:00 P.M. and welcomes support.

    Info on the event may be found here:

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    Clyde's Sports asked for MSI's help. They set the conditions, not MSI.

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    Here is the full PR Release....

    Since context is lacking.

    1. Clyde's Sports Shop Targeted By Anti-Gun Group
    You'll recall that back on October 28th, we told you about what we see as a renewed coordinated assault on your rights.

    Most specifically, we told you that Clyde's Sports Shop in Lansdowne was the latest locally owned business to be targeted by the anti-gun bigots. We applauded Clyde's for standing up to their threats and refusing to sign their Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership Agreement.

    As a result of Clyde's resolve to not give in to their threats, the anti-gun lobby, hiding behind the screen of concerned religious leaders, had previously scheduled a protest of the shop on November 21st. Due to pressure from our community as well as a large number of ministers in the Western Baltimore County neighborhood who stood with the shop, the protesters bailed out and Clyde continued with his customer appreciation day.

    The group has renewed their efforts to target this lawfully operated business and have rescheduled their protest for next Saturday, December 11, from 3-5pm.

    Clyde's has scheduled another customer appreciation day from 3-5 pm and we are inviting you to join us to support this longtime pillar of the firearms community that has done nothing to incur the harassment from this group of anti-gun bigots. We predict that this will be one of the best days of business ever for Clyde's and hope that you can come get some good deals.

    Clyde's is located at 2307 Hammonds Ferry Road, Lansdowne, MD 21227. Because the parking is VERY tight in that area, you will need to park on Ridge Ave, just north of the shop, or Mine Bank Lane., just south of the shop.


    This is a customer appreciation party and show of support for Clyde's. We are not there to create a "scene". As such, the following policies need to be followed for the day:

    •The media will likely be out in force for this event. This is not an open holster protest and holsters should be left at home on this day.
    •No banners, signs etc.
    •No direct engagement of the protesters. They would love to have their stereotypes, bigotry and pre-conceived notions confirmed for them and the press by our actions.
    Leave the camo and excessively rhetorical t-shirts at home. The media will zoom in on the one person from our side that plays to their agenda and will conveniently ignore the other thousand gun owners wearing sweaters and khakis.

    Let's make this a full turnout for the day and enjoy the hospitality of the good folks at Clyde's as well as stand up for one of the retailers who make it possible for you to exercise your Constitutional rights. A strong firearms community needs at its core a vibrant retail environment.

    Clyde's has rules to their gather, as this is their property. They are fighting a PR war with determined nitwits with this church, and they know better the local media and the stuff they're going through than just a bunch of people on an internet forum. MSI has done open holster protests before and isn't shy about doing them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamer View Post
    Then by that logic, this post, and the vast majority of ALL the posts in the MD forum should be summarily deleted when the OP is posted, because OC isn't legal in most of MD, and therefore, almost NOTHING that anyone posts regarding events, happenings, or legal proceedings in MD is relevant to OC...

    For instance, this entire thread should be deleted, because:

    1) it is happening in Baltimore which SPECIFICALLY prohibits OC--even for people with a valid MD PCH

    Baltimore City Code

    Art. 19, 59-1 only prohibits long gun carry. They may have had a law previously, but once they repealed the law, they cannot re-pass it again per the state preemption law. Therefor, it is legal to openly carry a handgun in Baltimore as long as you have the permit to wear a handgun issued by the state police. Most likely they had to repeal it because it interfered with the state's authority to regulate carry.

    As for your contention about legal developments, you would be wrong. Woollard v. Sheridan and the numerous state law challenges effect open carry in Maryland directly.

    2) the sponsors of this event specifically prohibit the exercise of the First Amendment expression of wearing an OC'd empty holster.
    First Amendment only applies to the government. This is Clyde's private property and a customer appreciation day.

    Since people can neither legally carry openly at this event, or make a political statement by OCing an empty holster, and the sponsors have designed this event as a promotional event for their commercial business, I feel this event announcement violates rules 8 and 10.
    Doesn't break rule 8 because it's on topic due to it being in Maryland and it's involving a civil rights issue, especially thugs from a church threatening Clyde's business to sell firearms. Doesn't break Rule 10, because it isn't a "for sale" ad.

    Because you didn't get the hint the first time, let me say it with a little more clarity: Your bashing of MSI and other gun rights groups is not welcome here, in this forum or any other forum within OCDO. Your complaining about MSI's supposed ineffectiveness and your righteous indignation about "being silenced" is also not welcome here.

    This thread will be going through a massive cleanup, as nearly 3 quarters of the post is off-topic or violates the rules, or you whining about being called out about violating the rules. Any further bash threads from you, Dreamer, or you posting in this thread attempting to continue to argue the point, will be moderated out of view.
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