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Thread: DC Court of Appeals overturns DC Ammo Ban!!!

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    DC Court of Appeals overturns DC Ammo Ban!!!

    This is "Old News" because the ruling has handed down on 4 November, but nobody seems to have caught it on the forum, so here is the lowdown:

    The Washington DC Court of appeals overturned the 2006 conviction of Kevin Herrington on charges of possessing unregistered handgun ammunition in the home, based on the fact that the DC Ammo Ban is fundamentally unconstitutional, and directly violates the 2A, and is "prejudicial to appellant's substantial rights and to the fairness, integrity, and public reputation of the judicial proceedings."

    While this ruling doesn't appear to cover ALL incidents of possession of handgun ammo (like in your car or on your person) it DOES cover possession of ammo in the home in the District of Columbia.

    It's not a "coup de grace", but it certainly is a stiff poke in the eye of the DC anti-gunners...
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    Good Deal!

    The District of Columbia STILL does not get it!

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    No, they get it alright, they are just liken to 2 year olds kicking and screaming their way to bed.

    They will never be convinced until they grow up and join the adult world, but politics doesn't lend itself to being of adult mind-frame in most cases.

    Add to that the despot mentality that DC politics has a tendency to promote, and you have a child with way too much power.

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    DC can still limit ammo possession

    Unfortunately this case is pretty clear that the District can still condition possession of ammo on having a registration certificate for a firearm which shoots that ammo. So DC still does not get it. Neither does this court. Nevertheless a small step in the right direction.

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