Meeting November 11th 2010

Items discussed:

7:00-Ammendment to bylaws identifying dates for annual elections, ammendment process was overviewed.

-Vote on ammendment to be taken during december 9th meeting

-Potluck/christmas dinner discussed along with location for said event.

-location: 1551 w cherry suite 102 Meridian ID 83642

-Date: tentative... 18 Dec 2010

-School superintendant Tom Luna's honorary PHD discussed and why we need to make Idaho residents aware of this

including why he should be removed from his office.

-Keeping pressure on our representatives to repeal health care

-B.S. for political candidates... Bush, Obama, Huckabee, Col Alan West

-More politics...

-Politician's wage reductions

-Liquer store Open Carry dispute discussed. Correspondence to state director was made and a directive instructing

liquer store owners to abide by law, allowing open carry.

-Holding entities responsible for thier 2nd ammendment position and advice which conflicts with law.

-Motion for Nominating Alex Clarke as Secretary of IDCDL

-Posting bylaws on site covered

-Chris and Brian nominated for President/vice president (either for either office)

8:00-Website updates and use covered

-wikipedia form for what businesses support/don't support Open Carry or 2nd ammendment rights

-Section "D" of post office law for carry needs to be published along with the rest of the law. federal bans on

carry covered as well (VA hospital, Gowen Field, Federal Property)

-Volunteer work for publicity covered, permits for large groups covered

-Police force supervision, approaches for getting the police forces more familiar with lawful open carry rights

-City council, police chief

-Raising dues rates, reasons: gun show tables, other small expenses

8:47-meeting ajourned