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Thread: Odd Firearms Case In Sacramento

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    Odd Firearms Case In Sacramento

    I came across a strange case involving firearms in the local court system here in Sac.

    The strangeness was in several areas

    1) The case was in the civil superior court record, but had a small claims registry number

    2) the plaintiff was the state of California. (why would the state use the small claims court?)

    3) The cause of action was relief from prohibition of firearms possession. (again, odd in that the state would file such a case in small claims court, and be the plaintiff in that type of action)

    I'm going to pull the case file, and once again a little odd that it is listed but you cannot pull the record up electronically. I'll have to visit the court this week to get it.

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    wow...that is odd. let me know what you find.
    If guns cause crime.....mine must be defective.

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