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Thread: Slightly OT question regarding handgun sales

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    Slightly OT question regarding handgun sales

    Because of this code in PA statutes:

    (c) Duty of other persons. Any person who
    is not a licensed importer, manufacturer or dealer
    and who desires to sell or transfer a firearm to
    another unlicensed person shall do so only upon
    the place of business of a licensed importer,
    manufacturer, dealer or county sheriff's office,
    the latter of whom shall follow the procedure set
    forth in this section as if he were the seller of the
    firearm. The provisions of this section shall not
    apply to transfers between spouses or to transfers
    between a parent and child or to transfers
    between grandparent and grandchild.

    (d) Defense. Compliance with the provisions
    of this section shall be a defense to any criminal
    complaint under the laws of this Commonwealth
    or other claim or cause of action arising under
    this chapter arising from the sale or transfer of
    any firearm.
    If a person in PA sells a handgun to an out-of-state resident, can the seller send the gun directly to the out-of-state FFL for transfer, or does it have to go through a PA FFL first?


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    You can ship directly to a FFL in the other state.

    Sales between two nonlicensee's must go through a FFL or a sheriff. Since the person you are selling to is in another state which requires going through a FFL, it fulfills PA and Federal law.
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    The statute reads like it only applies to PA residents and is for intrastate commerce, only. Most of the free states allow shipment to an FFL in another state directly wherein that FFL holder 'brokers' the sale. Same as for repair shipping back to SIG in NH or Taurus in FL, etc.

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