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Thread: Incident at the Ferry Virginia

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    Incident at the Ferry Virginia

    Authorities charge gun owner with brandishing…his finger

    An interesting piece from the other coast. I cant see the same type of incident happening at our terminals as private contractors do not provide security. It does however open up some questions regarding the conduct of law enforcement. I know there has been some heated discussion here with regard to the same but I would really like to understand how this happens. It seems all involved in this particular incident were at fault right down to the magistrate. Are all these guys all lying to cover their butts? That would make it a conspiracy of sorts would it not ?

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    Very interesting series of events.

    Security Guard is an A--hole and issues an order for which he has no authority.

    Supervisor apparently calls Sheriff because finger is pointed at him.

    Deputy issues orders for which he has no legal authority.

    Prosecutor files charges.
    (Defendant proposed to waive suit in exchange for dismissal - a standard pre-trial tactic. The Commonwealth Attorney (prosecutor) responded that he considered the offer "threatening". )

    It also seems that the Sheriff's Deputies in this County have a history of misconduct.

    With stories like this, who needs to buy any books. Reading about this is far more entertaining.
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