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    New guy

    Hey everyone. I'm going to be moving to Denver in the next few months and I am a little confused by the open carry laws there. I currently reside in salt lake city. Any info would be great. Thanks
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    You can't open carry in Denver but you can CC if you have a permit. Rest of Colorado is open carry though.

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    Basically, there is no OC in Denver city limits but it's 100% legal everywhere else.

    If you're not moving into Denver itself but rather one of the suburbs you should be okay to OC but make sure you figure out the Denver city limits. Somewhere on the forum are a couple maps of the lines, I don't have a copy though.

    Carry in a vehicle is fine in any manner or mode, everywhere in the permit required.

    Places off limits to OC must be posted at all public entrances..usually city-owned buildings (and some land).

    There aren't any restrictions regarding carry at places that sell or serve alcohol but it is illegal to be under the influence and carrying.

    All the other "normal" restrictions apply: school buildings, federal property, etc etc etc...

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    Open carry on public transportation is illegal. Agree with the other replies.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum!
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    As am I

    I just moved from Ga. Denver is tricky from what I hear, they claim exemption from the state Constitution? Colorado is an open carry state but it's not welcome here from what I can tell, people are kinda weird if you grew up where the airs not so thin lol

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