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Thread: Good news, now it's time to get this done here!

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    Good news, now it's time to get this done here!

    It looks like the Cody, WY, city council has decided to fall in with state law and permit firearms, open or concealed, at the Cody Rec Center. Like WY, SD has complete state preemption of gun laws. Unfortunately, firearms are not currently permitted at the Rapid City Rushmore Plaza Civic center. It boggles my mind that this is allowed to stand.
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    It is ILLEGAL for Rapid City to have ANY Firearm Ordinance beyond the Limitations of State Law.
    South Dakota State Law 9-19-20 Clearly Preempts this Illegal Ordinance!

    South Dakota Law 9-19-20. Firearms Regulation Ordinances Prohibited.
    No Municipality may Pass any Ordinance that Restricts Possession, Transportation, Sale, Transfer, Ownership, Manufacture, or Repair of Firearms or Ammunition or their Components. Any Ordinances Prohibited by this Section are Null and Void.
    Source: SL 1983, ch 38, 1.

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