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Thread: Cowboy Santa in CA

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    Cowboy Santa in CA

    Just saw this on the 5am Tucson news. Whoever this person that complained is a moron. However, this is how pretty much the entire state thinks.. I use to live there!

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    "Monica" had such courage of her convictions that she didn't want folks to know who she was.

    The lot owners covered the gun with cardboard. That gets an eyeroll.

    New word: pictohoplophobia.

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    "New word: pictohoplophobia. "

    Priceless. I expect that to enter the Pro 2A lexicon quickly.

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    The Macy's Santa in Frisco got fired because of complaints from an adult couple. The couple sat in his lap Santa asked if they had been good. They said yes, and he replied with: "That's too bad" He worked as Santa at the Macy's for 20years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    Breaking news:

    Turlock police arrested Santa shortly after the incident for carrying a handgun concealed by carboard without a valid CA Concealed Carry Weapons permit. The prosecuting attorney is requesting that Santa be held without bail, claiming that he is a flight risk, especially around the Christmas Eve time frame.
    Further update: cardboard Santa's hand gun is not on the California approved handgun roster.

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    The lot owner should have told her Tou*( Sh&^. If you don't like it buy your tree somewhere else.

    The site that carried the story has a poll up. 86%+ think a cowboy Santa with a pistol is just fine.

    You should read the comments on the story. The nicest thing she was called was stupid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldCurlyWolf View Post
    You should read the comments on the story. The nicest thing she was called was stupid.
    Can you imagine her first look at the article/interview?

    Monica: "Hey, hubby! Come look - I'm in the news!"

    Hubby: "Hey, so you are! That's cool."

    Monica: "No way! They're calling me stupid!"

    Hubby: "Well..."
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    There's already another thread going about this, in the CA forum:

    And here's a news story naming Monica:
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    I've always thought Santa was more of a Glock 20 type of guy. He may need to shoot through ice barriers or if his sleigh gets too heavy, he can use the 10mm round to get into low earth orbit.


    People are outraged at things that are completely of no consequence. A Santa with a pistol doesn't even begin to register on my "OUTRAGE LIST".

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