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Thread: mentioned on HB1051 Arkansas Open Carry news report

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    46 mentioned on HB1051 Arkansas Open Carry news report

    See the video:

    The gun shop owners reasons against open carry are very poor!
    Chris Matthews
    Executive Director | Arkansas Carry
    p: 501-291-4839

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    did she have a permit to conceal that weapon?
    If guns cause crime.....mine must be defective.

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    Not from Arkansas but the NRA ILA website led me to this news story, and since I am on I wanted to comment here.

    1) I don't care if he thinks it is necessary.
    2) Wear an active retention holster and situational awareness to protect your pistol. Also, if someone doesn't lock up their firearms at home they could be stolen and used in a crime. Is he proposing a safe law?
    3) NOT a fan of putting anything, including a thumb, in the tigger guard when handing the firearm, unless you are intending to shoot it. I hope that isn't how he checks to ensure that it's unloaded. What if he lost his grip, the slide springs shut, and the forward force presses the trigger into his thumb? BAM! Negligent discharge.
    4) OC isn't about ego, it's about safety.
    5) If you use a holster, and I don't know how you would OC without one (well maybe a lanyard?) then you shouldn't have to work about catching the trigger on anything. There are more instances of people CCW without a proper holster, in the waist band, in a pocket, etc..., and negligent discharges than of people OCW with a holster and negligent discharges.

    Where did the news find this guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TyGuy View Post
    Where did the news find this guy?
    He is a gun shop owner in the Little Rock area. For some reason, the local news stations seem to gravitate toward him whenever they do a story involving guns.

    There ARE qualified and reasonable "experts" around- but the media seems to have a hard time finding them.

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