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Thread: New to Colorado

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    New to Colorado

    Colorado is an open carry state but man do you get weird reactions when you do it. I would have thought they were used to seeing it. Apparently not! Even my landlord said that she was freaked out because I had a gun in the moving truck when I arrived. She didn't say anything to me but called my wife in Ga.?? to complain saying that "it's so quiet here". It didn't dawn on her that I left from Atl. and drove 1500 miles? Still can't get one question answered, if I'm carrying in a holster on my hip but put on a jacket (it gets colder than a Nun on Sunday) is it now concealed? One cop said concealed the opther said not a third said up to the officer! Any help will be appreciated. Being retired with the required fifteen years of LE I can simply qualify on Colorados course and carry concealed (I will for when I travel) in all states but I like open carry!

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    Hi, shotcop!

    Here in Colorado, the method of concealment has no bearing. If I'm open carrying and tie a jacket around my waist, covering my firearm, it's now concealed. Same thing's true if I put on a long coat that covers my firearm - it's concealed.
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