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Thread: The down side of "sanctuary" cities

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    The down side of "sanctuary" cities

    The shooting victim has been identified by the Times – not by Seattle police because he has not yet been charged with any crime and it is not clear that he will be – as Jose M. Cardenas-Muralta. It is reported that he has a “significant criminal history” (where have we heard that before?) and that he was kicked out of this country back in 2008. How he got back in seems to be something of a mystery to authorities, who evidently haven’t been watching or reading the news for the past several years regarding our porous border with Mexico.

    Or try this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Workman View Post
    Police say dispatchers received a 911 call around 10 p.m. Tuesday from someone who reported there was a man displaying a gun at a bus stop in the 500 block of Third Avenue.—Seattle Times
    While this guy appears to have been a skuzbug and got what he deserved, I have some questions.

    How was he displaying a gun at a bus stop? Was he holding it, perhaps pointing it at people, or did someone just discover that he had it tucked in his pants? If the later what was the RAS for the stop? If it was just because he had a gun, that could be you or me!

    Dave went on to say:

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Workman View Post
    The officer had no way of knowing that the gun wasn’t loaded
    A gun is always loaded... Otherwise it's a very expensive brick.

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    How about a new approach to "sanctuary cities". I would suggest that the closest border city, in THEIR country, would make a great sanctuary city. If they go there, we won't bother them. Otherwise they should be treated like any other lawbreaker.
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