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Thread: From Texas to Tater Country.

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    From Texas to Tater Country.

    A friend of mine is moving to Idaho from Texas. He is a retired EMT, and a Fireman.
    He's just about sick of Texas and pretty much fell in love with the place yall got.
    He has made several trips up there and enjoy's the national parks and hiking trips.
    The other day we discussed guns on hiking trips. I told him he should that way he wont become Cat food or bear bait! The man really never had much to do with guns so he doesnt know anything. I did look up the open carry laws for him because when we talked about it, he felt like open carry is the honest and most comfortable way to carry.
    Today I let him know that he is bless with gold star opencarry in idaho.
    Im still not too sure about open carry in the national parks though. I know we got laws passes this year that allow it, but whats the scoop in Idaho.
    Is it OK to open carry in State and Federal parks up there.
    My friend will be located in the vally area he said.

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    Here is a thread regarding carry in National parks. The jist being whatever is state legal is legal in that states Nat'l parks or portion thereof. State ciity and county parks the same. We have a meeting local to the Treasure Vally in Meridian every 2nd thursday of the month. Location is the Sunrise Restaurant on Main Street. Wonderful food and carry friendly! Everyone is welcome to our meetings and encouraged to attend!

    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year fron the Idaho Citizens Defense League!

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