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Thread: Interseting commetary on 2nd am vs. U.N.

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    Interseting commetary on 2nd am vs. U.N.

    Supposed to be interesting commentary
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    Interesting read. The good news is - in my short 8 months as a MOC member / 2A activist I have seen a large increase in the number of people becoming aware of their 2A rights. Many of these folks are getting active in advocating for their/our rights, and it's a great thing to see and be a part of. We must and will prevail. To do any less will result in time warp back to the days of King's rule.

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    Interesting reading, but I do not believe the 2nd amendment can be nullified simply because the constitution does not grant us our rights. It does enumerate our God given rights that the government is not allowed to infringe upon.

    No amount of outside pressure from foreign countries can take away our rights.

    I do Agree that the media convincing citizens that guns are evil and the government us here to take care of all our needs has
    been happening for some time and can have negative consequences.

    I feel tha people are waking up. The tea party, open carry org's,
    and other gun right groups, along with the recent scotus decisions and various states that have passed tenth amendment legislation, as well as the shall issue laws adopted by most states show that law abiding citizens will continue to enjoy the benefits of gun ownership for a long time.

    Groups that promote open carry are also involved In education involving the 4th and 1st amendments.
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    If we are going to win this, it must be done in the schools. The libs figured this out years ago, and have several decades worth of a head start. We need to be in contact with, and actively OCing regularly in schools, and pushing the Eddie Eagle and similar programs as hard as we can.

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